DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service

What is it and why?

This used to be known as a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and is an essential checking process that must be undertaken with all adults working with young people (in a paid or voluntary role)


Until all checks have been carried out no one should be working with children.

Within Scouting a DBS lasts for five years

New to Scouting?

If you are new to Scouting there is a process that must be undertaken before you can take on your chosen role:

  • Forms will need to be completed to enable a DBS check to be undertaken
  • Two references are required (not family members)
  • An informal interview will then be arranged before the Appointments Panel

Once all that has been completed you will be given a unique membership number and your details will be on the Scout Headquarters Website

Changing your role in Scouting

If you change your role or move from one District to another then another process comes in

  • If your DBS is still current, no information will be required
  • Dependent on the new role, you may be asked to attend an Appointments Panel

DBS Renewal

At the end of your current DBS period you will be notified that a renewal is required (by email from Head Quarters and by the Appointment Secretary)


It is essential that any information requested is provided promptly as if your current DBS is not renewed in time you will be suspended by Head Quarters and as such not allowed to continue in your role (until DBS renewal completed)

Submitting a DBS form 

There are various forms around (on line) that can be used but for our District our Appointment Secretary has compiled one that asks for all the information required to ensure a rapid DBS check/renewal (a lot of the forms on line do not get all the information required)

Click this link to download a copy of the DBS form.

Please send your completed DBS form via email to dbsforms@nmdscouts.org.uk

 DBS enquiries

If you have any DBS enquiries please submit them using this contact form